IoTPlotter is a service which collects data from your IoT devices for long-term graph plotting and storage.


  • Long-term history allows you to compare old data to new data.
  • Completely free so anybody can get involved right away.
  • Simple APIs allow you to connect almost any internet enabled device.
  • Responsive graphs allow you to visualise your data intuitively.
  • Scalable design to accommodate large numbers of users and devices.

For the Community

IoTPlotter was created for the maker community. For that reason, we will do everything possible to keep things free and fair for all users. All data sent to IoTPlotter remains yours and we will only seek non-invasive methods of monetisation.


IoTPlotter is currently in beta. We are continuously improving and adding features and would love to have you along for the journey.

We will make every effort to keep things running smoothly, but be aware that IoTPlotter is a new service which is still in active development.


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Public Feeds

See what the community is publishing to IoTPlotter.

H32 rev4.2A-3163 by burgduino
RHR Solar System by thorigol
Elec by markzz
Greenhouse by dimbit
Ventilace Hlusice by domini01@email.cz

..and many more